Credit Application

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Terms and Conditions

The applicant(s) certify that all information contained in this application, and all attachments hereto, are true and complete to the best of the applicant(s) knowledge, and are made for the purpose of obtaining credit for business purposes, and not for personal or family use. The applicant(s) hereby authorizes Caldwell Leasing and any assignee, lender or funding service that may be utilized to obtain and use a consumer credit report on the undersigned, now, from time to time, and at any time in the future, as may be needed in the credit evaluation and review process and waives any right or claim the applicant(s) would otherwise have under the Fair Credit Reporting Act in absence of this continuing consent. The applicant(s) further authorizes any bank, financial institution or trade reference to release credit information on the applicant(s) account(s) to Caldwell Leasing and/or its assigns. An electronic, photocopy or facsimile copy of this authorization with a copied, electronic or facsimiled signature shall be deemed to be binding, valid, genuine and authentic as an original-signature document for all purposes.

I have read and agreed to the above conditions