Yes, leasing is the most cost-effective way to finance a vehicle fleet. For a non-profit
cash flow is always a concern and a lease is often the best solution.

Yes Caldwell Leasing can buyout your present vehicles on a leaseback program.

Yes, you can extend your lease in one year increments.

Yes, we can offer pre-owned makes and models to fit your business and budget needs.

Yes, we have agents nationwide that will pick up and sell your owned units as your new vehicles are delivered.

We can provide leases with special terms for the transportation of staff, students, athletes, for student activities and admissions. We can also lease your security and maintenance vehicles.

Yes, we partner with manufacturers to provide you with the the latest programs to reduce your vehicle fleet cost.

Yes, we will tailor a lease to accommodate your mileage and business needs.

A fleet management partner handles the day to day responsibilities of a company’s vehicles, optimizing efficiency of the fleet and the employees that use them. Fleet management handles complex subjects ranging from acquisition and financing to maintenance, repair, disposal and replacement. Fleet management allows you to delegate the daily chores associated with financing, registration, renewal, maintenance, repair, parking and toll charges, vehicle relocation, replacement, and ordering.

Two or more units in the business name would be considered a fleet.