Fleet Management

Fleet Management Solutions

From beginning to end, our fleet management experts are here to guide you through every aspect of every decision. You can be sure that the fleet management solutions recommended by Caldwell Fleet Solutions have your best interests in mind.

Our fleet management expertise will ensure that you’re driving the best vehicles to suit your needs, saving you time and money in the long run. With our fleet management services and solutions at your disposal, you can be sure that your fleet and your company are in good hands.

The Caldwell Team will monitor you fleet and replacement intervals resulting in safe reliable transportation for your drivers.


We manage your fleet from acquisition to disposal including:

  • Vehicle Selection
  • Ordering or Locating Unit
  • Up-Fit or Modification
  • Delivery & Drop Shipping Nationwide
  • Disposal of Current Fleet
  • Preventative Maintenance¬†& Record Retention *
  • Registration Renewals
  • Consolidated Custom Billing
  • Safety Solutions *
  • MVRs
  • Accident Management *
    Collection of claim info, insurance filing, repair facility referral, gathering and reviewing estimate information, rental assistance, itemized detail of service performed, handling suborgation or salvage if needed, glass repair and replacement
  • Roadside Assistance *
  • Vehicle Relocation including License and Titling
  • Monitoring Expiration and Replacement of Units
  • End of Lease Disposition

* Optional service

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