Fleet Services

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Fleet Management Services

Many leasing companies are “fee based” operations. With Caldwell Leasing your services are all included in the lease payment and you are only liable for the cost of the services.

Fleet Licensing & Title

At Caldwell Leasing we work to take the hassle out of fleet licensing and titling. We have our own national licensing and title service, wherein each customer account is assigned to a specific License and Title Representative, who knows your company and is equipped to answer all of your questions.

We obtain the initial title for all of our leased vehicles and work with our delivering dealerships to obtain state licenses (temporary tags or permanent plates depending on state regulations). If your state requires drivers to apply for initial license plates in person, we will provide them with licensing instructions to help them work through the process as quickly as possible limiting down time for your drivers and keeping them on the road, maximizing employee potential and company growth.

With extensive experience in fleet licensing and titling services, we can even assist you in transitioning vehicles during a company merger or acquisition.

Additionaly, our license and title experts can help you sort through any financial and legal issues so that your leased vehicles are properly re-titled and licensed as soon as possible.

We also arrange for state-to-state transfers of your leased vehicles, obtaining new state registrations and license plates for you. Our license and title representatives process the necessary paperwork directly with state offices and mail the new plates to your drivers. In cases where a local inspection is required, we will instruct your drivers on how to fulfill the local requirements.

If your company-owned vehicles are located in several states or are assigned to several cost centers, the titles may be stored in different buildings, making access difficult and increasing the risk of loss. Caldwell Leasing allows you to send the titles to our Title and License Department for safekeeping in a secure, fireproof location. When you request a vehicle title, we will retrieve it from storage and mail it to you.

Fleet Remarketing and Disposals

Our company is rooted in the used vehicle market, giving us a unique advantage over our competitors when it comes to vehicle resale. When you become a Caldwell Leasing client, you will benefit from our fleet remarketing expertise.

Our fleet remarketing experts know when to put vehicles on the market and when to wait. They take into account geographic market differences, seek out the best outlets, personally represent vehicles at auctions and perform all possible value-add reconditioning to maximize each vehicle’s sale price.

With a closed end lease, you simply return the vehicle at lease end and leave the fleet remarketing up to us. With an open end lease or with company owned vehicles, our fleet remarketing expertise will help you yield maximum returns when it comes time to sell.

The Caldwell Leasing team meets to discuss which vehicles will perform best in the resale market and which vehicles have the lowest life cycle operating costs. We review new model introductions, current available vehicles, manufacturers’ production schedules and available equipment and colors to determine which vehicles provide the best value for our fleet customers

Customized Billing Options

Limit the number of bills you receive from multiple lenders. By opting for fleet management or leasing with Caldwell Leasing you can choose to have your units on one bill or billed by unit, division, district, or office.

Ordering and Vehicle Locating Services Whether You are Looking for a New or Used Car or Truck

Through our network of fleet partners, we can acquire your fleet vehicles in the most competitive pricing available passing along cost savings to your company. Many times we can assist clients in additional money from the manufacturer through volume incentive pricing.

National Fleet Delivery and Drop Shipping

Utilizing the manufacturer’s dealer group enables us to deliver vehicles across the nation to the city nearest your office or driver’s location, limiting down time for your drivers and keeping them on the road, maximizing their efficiency and production.

Commercial Vehicle Up-fit and Modification

Your Account Manager can assist you with all aspects of modifying your commercial trucks and vans to meet all of your fleet requirements.

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