Lease Programs

Closed-End Leasing (Fixed Cost Leasing)
Who Considers a Closed End Lease?
  • Companies that need an operating lease.
  • Companies that want to easily and accurately be able to budget for their fleet.
  • Companies that want to insulate themselves from used car market conditions.
  • Companies that have a predictable vehicle replacement policy in place.

Our closed end leasing alternatives make fleet administration easy and allow you to accurately budget, while providing you with the flexibility not traditionally found in closed end lease products. Our goal is to provide creative solutions for your specific fleet needs by tailoring leasing programs to allow maximum flexibility.

With a closed end lease, we assume the risks of vehicle depreciation, and you can simply walk away at lease end. None of the risk falls upon your company, as you are insulated from fluctuations in the used car market, upon completion of your closed end lease.

Open End Lease
Is An Open End Lease Right For Me?
  • Companies that need a flexible vehicle replacement policy often take advantage of open end leases.
  • Companies that like to have equity interest in vehicles can use leasing as an alternate source of funds often select open end leases.

The open end lease offering embodies our objective to provide creative solutions and fleet services for your specific needs. Caldwell Leasing tailors its fleet leasing programs to allow the maximum flexibility necessary to meet the driving needs and budget of your fleet.

Our open end leasing options, not to be confused with our closed end lease options, provide you with that flexibility, delivering a financing option that allows you to set specific parameters and time frames to fit your company’s fleet leasing objectives.

At the end of an open end lease, you can have the option to keep the vehicle, sell it to an employee, or sell it using our remarketing services.

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