Top Financial Benefits of Leasing a Company Fleet

Fleet leasing is something we’ve harped on numerous times and a topic about which we’re very knowledgeable. We’ve compared fleet leasing and fleet financing and even discussed why fleet leasing can be a smart alternative to financing. Nonetheless, there will seemingly always be a question about which fleet option is better. The correct answer is: it depends. It depends on any number of factors, including company liquidity, size, and objectives, to name a few. Ultimately, it depends on what you’re comfortable with. But enough with the unbiased perspective. As we are a bit partial to one of the two options, being a Columbus fleet leasing company and all, here are a few of the most prominent financial means by which your company can benefit from leasing its fleet vehicles:
Financial Benefits of Fleet Leasing
  • Fleet leasing offers greater liquidity. A smaller financial investment upfront means more cash in hand to leverage elsewhere.
  • Fleet leasing avoids costs related to administrative duties. The fleet management company or fleet leasing company you work with generally carries the administrative burden.
  • Fleet leasing comes with tax benefits. Depending on the type of fleet lease you decide to go with – open-end, closed-end, operating, capital, etc. – your balance sheet or itemized deductions will thank you.
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